Dosel Tanimboca - Leticia - Amazonas - Colombia

Happy Day
lunch a typical

Day 1:

Arrival to Leticia at Vasquez Cobo airport, from there we´ll take you by road 11 kilometers to our natural reserve “la Arenosa”, where you can enjoy a grilled fish for lunch a typical Amazon meal and we can review the activities schedule. At this place you will spend the night in some nice cabins on the edge of the jungle. After dark a guide will take you for a night walk in the jungle to observe the nocturnal wild live. Finishing the walk we we’ll serve you diner a pizza “a la Amazonas”

the jungle

Day 2:

After a good breakfast we´ll continue with your day expedition in to the jungle. This day we will visit an Indian settlement of the Macuna Indians, it will take us about two hours of trekking to get there. At this place we show you a little bit of their traditions and the way of planting the fields. Not far away there is the Tacana River ideal for swimming and some fishing. In the afternoon we come back to the reserve.

Early morning

Day 3:

Early morning you´ll have breakfast and afterwards we´ll continue to the reptile zoo nearby. From there a taxi will take you to the harbor of Leticia, with a boat you´ll go up the Amazon River to a beautiful Natural Reserve at the Peruvian side of the river.

The way of getting to this Natural Reserve depends on the time of the year. During the dry season you`ll have to walk around 45 minutes through a path in the jungle. During the rainy season you`ll take a small canoe.

You`ll enjoy the time at this place, there are a lot of birds, monkeys and other wild live that can be easily observed, delicious meals and activities such as cannoning and hiking. The giant lotus flower and the huge Ceiba tree can be also seen. At night you’ll have the opportunity to go in search of caimans, with luck you`ll find one, catch it, take pictures with it and then release it again. You’ll spend the night at “Marasha” natural reserve.

Amazon river

Day 4:

In the morning you`ll go back to the Amazon river and take a private boat, 80 kilometers to PUERTO NARIÑO. On the way up the river you`ll stop in Macedonia an indigenous community specialized in wood carving. From there we go straight to Puerto Nariño located at the side of the Loretoyacu River. It’s a beautiful, calm and peaceful village; there are no vehicles on the small walking paths. After lunch you`ll visit the Natutama foundation museum, where you`ll learn about life under the water.

In the afternoon you`ll go by boat to the Tarapoto lakes to observe the pink and grey dolphins, enjoy the beautiful view and swim in these relaxing waters.

You`ll spend the night at CASA SELVA hotel in Puerto Nariño.


Day 5:

Early morning you`ll start your trip back to Leticia. Once in Leticia you`ll have some free hours to recognize the city, there is an ethnographic museum which you can visit and also the city of Tabatinga in Brazil. Transfer to Letician airport.


Included: travel insurance, river and land transfers, meals, lodgings, deserved activities, Spanish speaking guide.

Not included: airplane tickets, letician airport taxes, alcoholic beverages.

Recommendations: Bring light clothing, long sleeves shirts and pants, sun protector, mosquito repellent, bathing suit, yellow fever vaccine, sandals, tennis shoes or boots, cap, head lamp, jackknife, backpack and rain coat.

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About Tanimboca

Tanimboca is a travel agency operating its own natural reserves. Our work combines nature preservation, economic welfare and supports regional development. We offer the possibility to experience the Amazon’s whole natural beauty and ethnic diversity in a respectful manner, thus contributing to its conservation. We provide personalized plans that meet the preferences and desires of our customers, excellent environmentally friendly infrastructures which are ideal for ecotourism, educational and adventure tourism.


1. Tanimboca SAS is responsible to you for the full delivery and quality of the services described in the program, in addition to complying with the itinerary planned in their plans.

2. Tanimboca SAS has an insurance policy that protects the visitor resort in case of any sort of accident during their stay while in use of our services. We are not responsible for damage caused by strikes , riots , earthquakes and any other force majeure that may occur during the trip.

3. Tanimboca SAS reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary , travel dates , hotels , transportation when there are extenuating circumstances that endanger the safety of users and the success of the tour.

4. Tanimboca SAS will reimburse the amounts paid or services not excepting the expenses have actually caused when: bypassing of services agreed partially or wholly or when the user due to illness or force majeure forced to retire. SAS Tanimboca requests a deposit of 50 % of the cost of the entire plan , ten working days before the start date of the program , in order to ensure their participation in the tour. This sum will be paid to the cost of the tourism plan . If the user is not present or use the services agreed , Tanimboca SAS user may require the payment of 20 % of the full price or rate established ( Article 65 Act 300 of 1996 ).

5. SAS Tanimboca not responsible for legal matters or other issues in which the user can be involved , if the user is forced to retire from the tour for these reasons , and likewise against the personal expenses that passenger incurred.



Canopy Tour
Canopy Tour - The most exciting eco tours

Canopy Tour - The most exciting eco tours

Offers everyone an unforgettable opportunity to soar through the rain forest high above the ground. Come and take a view of the Amazon jungle canopy.

Expeditions - Adventure vacations and guided tours

Expeditions - Adventure vacations and guided tours

Our expeditions are packed with a variety of activities that includes jungle and river trips.

Trekking – Nothing more natural than trekking in the Amazon jungle.

Trekking – Nothing more natural than trekking in the Amazon jungle.

Our Reserve is the perfect place for trekking safe, you´ll finds a huge variety of frogs and insects and other animals.

Kayaking - A trip in the Amazon jungle

Kayaking - A trip in the Amazon jungle

Relax and enjoy the most beautiful view of the small rivers in the jungle, all surrounded by pure nature.

Fishing - Many pirarucus find themselves confined in some places

Fishing - Many pirarucus find themselves confined in some places

Fishing is a very popular activity in the Amazon region. You'll get a chance to catch the fabled piranha and see many other species.

Jungle Lodges
Jungle Lodges - Offers accommodation, sightseeing and tours

Jungle Lodges - Offers accommodation, sightseeing and tours

Tanimboca offers authentic comfortable Jungle Lodges deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle.

Wildlife observation
Wildlife observation - The diagnosis of the species

Wildlife observation - The diagnosis of the species

Your guide will point out a variety of wild life including birds, monkeys, turtles, insects, frogs, and many more.